What kind of church is New Life Community Church?

This is a good question to ask and certainly one that you should be asking if you are moving to the Fordingbridge area and looking to be connected with the local church or perhaps you live locally and feel prompted to get re-connected with the local church family.

NLCC is a community of individuals and families, primarily living in and around the area of Fordingbridge.

We are contemporary in the sense that our aim is to reflect trends, style and culture of our community and not cling to the styles and traditions of those who came before us unless they are rooted in biblical truth and valuable for us today. We use current technology where we feel that it serves us and generally utilise modern musical styles to accompany our sung expression of worship. We try to use modern language to uncover and proclaim the unchanging truth that is the Word of God. However, being contemporary does not mean we change what the bible teaches, we believe the Bible reveals the truth applicable for all of us and we can be considered orthodox in this regard.

We believe the church exists to continue the work of Jesus on earth until he tells us to stop; this involves us extending the love of God through the proclamation of God’s ‘Good News’ in word and deed. This ‘Good News’ being that all mankind can be rescued from being strangers to God, without hope or explanation of purpose, to being sons and daughters who are restored into relationship with God by faith alone, adopted and loved forever. This is obtained by us not as a reward for good behaviour or personal effort but rather is offered as a free gift by God, it costs us nothing but the Father and His Son much! – All because of His GRACE.

We recognise the good of church reformers in the past through to the present day and accept the on-going baptism in the Spirit of all believers together with the inherent power that accompanies the desire to be filled with the Spirit on all occasions and circumstances.

We are not incorporated as part of a larger church denomination (as defined by public agreement to a stated doctrine or methodology) but neither are we independent. We consider ourselves part of the wider local/global ‘born again’ community of believers, we are connected with a family of local churches that share similar values know as ‘Commission’ and are associated with a world-wide family of churches in loose associated known as ‘Newfrontiers’.

Loving our Community and finding hope in Jesus

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We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance #195591.

We are part of the Commission family of churches

We are part of the Newfrontiers Worlddwide Family