Important NLCC update

Dear Church family,

Recently issued government guidelines regarding the corona virus have prompted us to make some practical responses that help ensure the ongoing wellbeing of the Church family & those in our community.

With that in mind;

  • All NLCC meetings where people physically gather have been put on hold. This includes Sunday mornings, Life Groups & Branch group services. This is only temporary.

Family Connection

Even though we cannot gather together, it is essential that we keep connected. This is where a family really comes to life, in the midst of challenge & adversity.

With that in mind;

Connect in

  • Create “Whatsapp” groups, use “Google Hangouts” (Currently free until July) or just pick up that wonderful thing called a phone to check in on one another.
  • Create prayer lists, encourage & lead one another in prayer.
  • We will be creating a Pastoral Team made up from as many people in the Church who are able to take responsibility for checking in with those potentially isolated & vulnerable in the Church. We are going to take care of one another. Please get yourself on that team by informing Jo at the Church Office –

Connect up

  • We want our minds to be engaged & continuously set upon our incredible God. Therefore we will be exploring getting hold of both digital & hardcopies of a Bible Study for us to work through as a Church family.
  • Another great accessible resource is the New City Catechism app. It is free & works great as a family devotion or to accompany your bible study. I whole heartedly recommend it!
  • The worship team will be pulling together a Youtube / Spotify playlist of songs that are familiar to NLCC. Just a helpful way for us to engage with God at home.

Connect out

  • We want to equip you to be confident about sharing your faith in the days ahead. God has placed His Church in this community to be a beacon of hope. Therefore we will be looking at resources to help serve you in this area.
  • We feel strongly about keeping the visibility of the Church & therefore will be creating a Lights On Team that will be an anchor point at the branch, in Fordingbridge highstreet. This will be a one person at a time shift pattern that reminds the community, we are here. A visible light in dark times. As we think through how best to operate this, let me encourage you to get yourself on that team by informing Nicky at ‘the branch’ –
  • We are also exploring how we serve / partner with the community & other local Church expressions as we go forward.

Sunday mornings

  • We will be embracing technology to help us serve the Church & Community with a 20 minute word which will be supported by a song to express our worship & hopefully some other creative encouragements. This will be uploaded to youtube with a link sent via email & video posted on social media.
  • To respond in this season, we are pausing our series in Genesis (only temporary) & will be giving our time to preaching through a NLCC series called “One good reason”. We hope this will be of great encouragement to both the Church family & Community.

Lastly, but certainly not least

Let us remind each other that we stand upon…

  1. The sovereignty of God. He is our confidence through all of life’s joys & challenges. “Let not your hearts be troubled”
  2. The wisdom of God. Taking practical measures in line with government advice to help ensure the ongoing wellbeing of the Church family & local community.

Remember we are family:

Be looking out for one another, praying for one another & for all those in our community.

From the NLCC team